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Home Computers

Desktop PC's and Laptops for home or school use need to be robust and responsive but don't necessarily need all the bell's and whistles.

If you're going to be using your computer for things like creating documents, checking email, doing assignments and browsing the internet, we can provide a range of budget conscious options for you.

At Computer Ambulance we'll build you a computer that ensures you get the best value for money.

Business Systems

Workstations can be either your traditional desktop PC, a mini computer or a laptop. We provide a wide range of options for business users that are easy to network and maintain.

Servers are custom built to suit your specific business requirements.

Flexibility of features on a user by user basis is no problem, we can tailor this to your individual needs.

Gaming computers require more processing power and video performance than your standard desktop PC.

These computers contain a dedicated 3D graphics card with its own memory and GPU which allows it to process and render high resolution video used in online gaming and applications.

If you require high end graphics processing contact us to discuss your needs.

Gaming Computers


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